Structural Installation works

Which includes Foundation preparation and Pipe racks, Warehouse structures, Process building Structures Installation and alignment works.

Piping field fabrication and Installation works

Which includes Piping Fabrication of Piping Class P1, P8, P4, high pressure lines, Piping Installation works which includes erection, Fit up and welding of Field joints and NDT Testing [ Third Party ] and Hydro or Pneumatic Testing and Final Reinstatement works.

Mechanical Works

Mechanical Installation works split into two parts
Static Equipment ground assembly and Installation and Alignment works Rotary Equipment Installation and Alignment works, Equipment loading and unloading storing and preservation.

Miscellaneous civil Works

Misc. works like Sleeper foundations for piping, Thrust block for piping. Backfilling and compaction works

Electrical Works

Equipment Installation works:
Electrical Equipment installation [MCC] Marshaling Control Cabinet, Field Electrical Panels, Switch gears, Junction boxes, Transformers, Modular. PLCS, LCS. Electrical Installations includes Alignment works and final inspections.

Conduit and Cable Tray Installations:
Conduit works for lighting and lightening works, power cables. Cable tray fabrication and erection with bonding jumpers and final Inspections.

Lighting System:
Installation of Lighting poles, Conduits, fittings, laying wiring and termination and loop checking and testing and energisation.

Cable Pulling and Cable Termination:
Cable Testing [Meggerng], Cable laying, Dressing, Cable numbering and Termination and Continuity check, and Energisation.

Grounding System :
Laying of Ground cables, Testing and Cad welding and Anode Installation and Testing of Grid.

Instrumentation works

Installation and Alignment of Digital Control System Panel and Termination works, Field Control panels. Loop checking and Pre-commissioning works and Calibration works and Paging and Alarm system.